PLTW Principles of Engineering

  • Principles Of Engineering (POE) is a high school-level survey course of engineering. The course exposes students to some of the major concepts that they will encounter in a postsecondary engineering course of study. Students have an opportunity to investigate engineering and gives students the opportunity to develop skills and understanding of course concepts through creative problem-solving.  

    To be successful in POE, students should be concurrently enrolled in college preparatory mathematics and science. 

    Ideas we will study:
    Mechanisms and Machine Control - we will build and program machines to solve problems (building a marble sorter)
    Energy Sources - we'll build a hydrogen cell car
    Energy Applications - breadboards and circuit design
    Fluid Power - you'll get a good grasp of hydraulics
    Statics - build, test and price a bridge
    Material Properties and Testing 
    Statistics - like you've never seen in Math class
    Kinematics - Angry Birds, rocketry and projectile motion

    Why take the class?

    • It is challenging and fun.
    • Participate in a hands-on, activity oriented program.
    • Earn college credit.
    • Explore careers where a national employment shortage exists
    • Explore careers where pay scales are among the highest levels for entry level professionals

    Course Information

    College Credit