Civil Engineering and Architecture

Architecture render
  • This year long course provides an overview of the fields of Civil Engineering and Architecture, while emphasizing the interrelationship and dependence of both fields on each other. Students use state of the art software to solve real world problems and communicate solutions to hands-on projects and activities.

    Why take the class?

    • Work with the latest 3D computer modeling software (Autodesk Revit).
    • Participate in a hands-on, activity oriented program.
    • Earn college credit.
    • Explore careers where a national employment shortage exists
    • Explore careers where pay scales are among the highest levels for entry level professionals

    Which Students?

    • An aptitude in mathematics, science, art or design
    • An interest in the way things work in science, technology, or nature
    • An interest in exploring engineering, technology, science, or medicine
    • Motivated by a hands-on, project/problem-based environment

    Course Information

    College Credit