• Educational Planning Over the Next Four Years

    “Start exploring what you want to do when you’re a freshman,” says Mark Danaher, a career counselor in Newington, Connecticut. “The high school years go very quickly.

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    Educational Planning Over the Next Four Years
    Regardless of the institutions your teens want to attend, make sure that they take challenging courses in high school.  The variety and academic level of the courses your teens take in high school and the grades they receive are a very important part of college applications.

    Waiting too long to plan and develop academic and extracurricular skills and interests may limit college options.  Students, guardians and parents, therefore, have much work to do as they evaluate their college interests, determine academic and extracurricular goals, and plan for the costs of college attendance.  The hard work though, is not without reward.

    Adapted from the National Association for College Admission Counseling


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    s Why College?
    Right Now... Everyone tells you what to do, but things are going to change.

    Pretty soon you’ll be free to make decisions on your own. You will decide how to spend your time and how to earn and spend your money. Going to college is also your choice. It’s something you do for yourself to get a job you enjoy and to help you achieve your dreams.


    (From the MN Department of Higher Education)

  • Seniors! Sign up for Summer Nudging from the Office of Higher Education.

    Summer Nudging is a program designed to help college-bound students successfully entered into college in the fall through weekly text message and email reminders ("nudges"). This is to help prevent Summer Melt, which is described by the statistic that "1 in 5 college-bound students fail to start college in the fall.

  • Ca · reer
    One’s calling in life; a person’s occupation; one’s profession.

    Col · lege
    Any institution of higher education that awards a degree or credential post-high school graduation.  This includes, but is not limited to, universities, community colleges, trade schools and more.
    College Can Change Everything