Elementary Extended Day for Learning (EDL)

  • Extended Day for Learning (EDL) features both math and reading instruction and opportunities for K-5 students to explore new abilities and interests, including instrumental music instruction for students in grades four and five. Each school will customize their on-site program based on district goals, student needs, and available staff.

    Student qualifications include a need for math and reading instruction and applied academic (enrichment) experiences beyond the school day. Through consistent program attendance, SPPS students in grades K-5 develop better work habits, social skills, and academic performance.

    Participation is voluntary and provided free of charge. Transportation and a snack are provided. All academic math and reading classes are taught by certified teachers; applied academics (enrichment) may be staffed by paraprofessionals or Community Specialists.

    At most SPPS elementary sites, sessions are held for 1 ¾ hours (105 minutes) after the regular school day, two afternoons per week, October 14– May 14. Students participate in both academic reading and math and applied academics (enrichment) activities during each program session.

    At several sites EDL is held concurrently with other grant-based programs. At these schools, students attend the program four or five afternoons per week. Curriculum includes both EDL academic math and reading and alternately funded applied academics (enrichment).

    Based on the goal of students experiencing something other than what they do during the school day, Extended Day for Learning curriculum materials and support are provided for the EDL-funded portion of the after school program.


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