Middle School Extended Day for Learning (EDL)

  • At Middle School EDL we provide:

    • an opportunity for students to learn math and reading strategies in an alternative method afterschool
    • applied academics for students to engage in different activities
    • opportunities to increase student engagement, connectedness and commitment to school
    • methods to engage students in thinking about their futures, their goals and mapping out a path to school success 

    Teachers or counselors will recommend students if they qualify for EDL. Our goal is to improve skills learned during the regular school day in the areas of:

    • work habits
    • attendance
    • social and emotional skills
    • goal-setting
    • academic performance

    Participation is free and voluntary; transportation and snack are provided. All classes are taught by licensed teachers. Class content is determined at the school level based on students' needs and interests.


    Schools without the 21 Century Grant will operate 2 days/week for 2 hours/night, immediately following the regular school day.  The standard model is for students to take a Reading Class for 1 hour and a Math Class for 1 hour each night, however this can be modified to meet individual school needs. 

    For schools with the 21 Century grant, the model is for every registered student to attend 1 hour of EDL and 1 hour of enrichment, 4 nights/week.

    Washington has an extended school day (an extra hour of time added to the regular school day). This is different than the typical Extended Day program and we will support these programs as needed.


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