Student Assistance Team (SAT)

  • A Student Assistance Team (SAT) is a general education process which provides support for teachers to meet the unique learning and behavioral challenges of specific students. The goal of the SAT is to assist school staff and students needing intensive interventions or differentiated instruction to assure their success in general education. The focus is on prevention and the teaching of new skills in the general education setting.  A well functioning team utilizes the Four Step Problem Solving Process, explained in the document below.

    Four Step Problem Solving Process

    Parent Guardian Interview Form: Parents/ guardians must be contacted prior to a SAT referral to inform them about their child's learning / behavior struggles and to include their feedback. Ideally, parents know about their child's concerns before a SAT referral is even considered. However, in no case should a student be discussed at SAT without a parent having been contacted.

    SAT Referral Form: This SAT referral form, found in the RtI tab in CAMPUS standardizes what information is collected about the student from the teacher and parent, including the academic and behavior data, the student's strengths and needs.  This document provides step by step directions to access the referral tab.

    SAT Meeting Notes: This form may be used to track the details the discussion and plan for each student.

    SAT Process ChecklistThe key to an effective SAT is building the capacity of the team members, sharing the work load and implementing effective processes. This checklist supports teams to ensure the components are in place.

    Staff members can also find more information to support your team, including guidelines and expectations, in the SAT handbook, or by joining the SPPS SAT Schoology group (access code: 958CQ-HPXPR). For support to develop or strengthen a SAT team at your school, contact Beth Coleman (

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