The Saint Paul School District: Automotive Center

  • It is open to all Saint Paul High School students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.  The automotive program follows the Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES) curriculum, and prepares students for ASE certification. The program has post-secondary articulation agreements with all technical colleges and community colleges within the Minnesota State College and Universities System, as well as Dunwoody College.  Students completing two semesters may also be eligible for a summer internship at a local automotive dealership or independent facility.  Public transportation will be provided for students attending the program or students may provide their own transportation. 

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  • FALL 2021
    Morning Session
    Course: T432131 Maintenance and Light Repair 3
    Afternoon Session
    Course: T432121 Maintenance and Light Repair 2
    SPRING 2022
    Morning Session
    Course: T432113 Maintenance and Light Repair 1
    Afternoon Session
    Course: T432133 Maintenance and Light Repair 3
    Saint Paul Public Schools Auto Program is housed at Global Arts Plus - Upper Campus
    810 Palace Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55102
    Phone 651-293-8697

    Course Descriptions