• Selected CTE Programs and Their Business Partner Sponsors
    3M STEP Program
    STEP is a partnership between 3M and the Saint Paul School District. STEP provides high school juniors and seniors of diverse backgrounds the opportunity to participate in the process of scientific discovery at one of the world's leading corporations. Through classroom instruction, paid summer employment in a 3M laboratory, and mentoring by 3M volunteers, STEP students will increase job skills, gain insight into scientific careers, and enhance their personal development.
    The BrandLab 
    We believe that every student has potential regardless of his or her background and that students should have exposure and access to careers in an industry where their potential can be realized.  In The BrandLab classroom, students gain exposure to the vast array of career options in the marketing industry. A hands-on curriculum teaches every student industry current professional skills and provides motivated students with the tools to gain further access to the industry through internships, mentors from the industry and scholarships for higher education.

    Employs 12-32 youth every summer depending on funding. The application deadline is during February of every year and the program begins in June one week after school ends.  Some of the projects that St .Paul interns have worked on are residential decks, garages and fences, remodeling YouthExpress bike shop offices located on Selby Avenue and rebuilding boardwalks and bridges at Tamarack Nature Center in White Bear Lake.

    Genesys Works 
    Since 2007, Saint Paul Public Schools began a partnership with Genesys Works to provide students training in the area of information technology and other skilled services need in large corporations. In addition, they learn corporate behavior and how to succed in a professional environment. Once trained, Genesys Works assigns them to work during their senior year in high school for one of its large corporate clients. By the end of the program, students realize that they too can succeed in the corporate world and decide to be part of it. Over 90% of them go on to college.
    The St. Paul Federal Credit Union 
    Financial literacy education, employability skills and internship experiences comprise the curriculum of Career and Technical Education Business Programs. The Cougar Branch full service credit union opened in the fall of 2012 at Como Park High School; with the Harding High School Branch opeing in 2014.. It offers an innovative method to increase students' financial literacy.  The program goes hand in hand with the existing Academy of Finance Program and the Business Education financial and marketing courses.

    St. Paul Federal Credit Union provided all start up funds as well as the on-site Branch Supervisor who will oversee the 2-4 paid student interns. Interns will be complete a mandatory training program and become paid employees of the St. Paul Federal Credit Union during lunch time hours. In addition, the Credit Union will partner as needed with teachers to provide lessens on managing finances.