Career Exploration

  • Foundations in Family & Consumer Sciencescareer
    Prerequisite: None

    Course Number: F401111
    Course Length: 1 semester/quarter/tri
    Course Description:
    In this course students will explore Family and Consumer Sciences careers in three pathways:  Fashion and Interior Design; Food Service and Nutrition; and Family and Human Services.  They will learn about various careers, select and research a career, research various postsecondary options, and learn basic skills for career readiness such as writing resumes and cover letters, public speaking, and creating PowerPoint presentations. Students will learn from

    speakers from post-secondary institutions, professionals from the community, direct instruction from the teacher, individualized research, and interviews.
    Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Marketing
    Prerequisite: None

    Course number: F404111
    Course Length: 1 semester/quarter
    Course Description:
    This course is designed to give students an opportunity to study/develop business skills.  Curriculum with hands-on learning opportunities affords students the ability to handle evolving concepts and techniques used in the careers in the hospitality, tourism, and restaurant and service management fields. Hospitality management curriculum covers the basics of management, computing, accounting, marketing, food service, personnel management and ProStart program training. Students earning a B or better can earn college credit.

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    Any institution of higher education that awards a degree or credential post-high school graduation.  This includes, but is not limited to, universities, community colleges, trade schools and more.
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