Housing and Interior Design

  • Housing & Design Technology 1
    Prerequisite: None

    Course Number: F407111
    Course Length: 1 semester/quarter/tri
    Course Description:
    In this course, students will demonstrate the understanding of housing interiors in relation to the elements and principles of design. Through various projects, students will create living spaces to meet the needs of families throughout the life cycle. This course requires students to use a variety of resources to increase their understanding of architectural, housing, and furnishing designs.
    Housing & Design Technology 2
    Prerequisite: Housing & Design Technology & Beginning Drafting

    Course Number: F407121
    Course Length: 1 quarter
    Course Description:
    Housing & Technical Design 2 builds on skills learned in Housing & Technical Design & Beginning Drafting. Using industry standard technology, students will expand their knowledge of how interior design compliments the field of architecture.

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