• Accounting
    Prerequisite: None

    Course Number: B402111
    Course Length: 2 quarters
    Course Description:
    This course meets the needs of those students who wish to use their knowledge to obtain a position in some phase of accounting. The double entry bookkeeping as used in the business world is introduced. A brief introduction into income tax is covered. This course is designed for people planning clerical, small business and college careers. The student will systematically complete the accounting cycle—journalizing transactions, posting transactions, preparing a worksheet, preparing financial statements, closing the ledgers and preparing a post-closing trial balance.
    Honors Accounting IIbus
    Prerequisite: Accounting 1, instructor recommendation

    Course Number: B432121
    Course Length: 2 Quarters
    Course Description:
    This advanced accounting course contains the articulation of Principles of Accounting 1 with St. Paul College. This rigorous course includes accounting theory, computerized corporate accounting and problem solving, application of payroll record techniques, and tax records. This college-level curriculum moves at an accelerated pace. Students should consult with the instructor before registering.