Frequently Asked Questions About Gateway to College (GtC)

  • Q: Am I eligible for GtC?

    A: GtC is for high school students between 16 - 21 years of age.

    Q: Am I a good fit for GtC?

    A: Are you...

      • planning to go to college and believe college is important?
      • willing to attend school every day, and put in the hard work required to meet your goal?

    If you answered "yes," you're a good candidate and should apply to GtC now

    Q: Can I be successful in GtC, even if I wasn't successful at my old high school?

    A: YES, if you are committed to perfect attendance, hardwork and accountability.  GtC gives students the oppprtunity to "start over" and earn high school and college credits in a supportive and caring community.

    Q: How much does Gateway to College cost?

    A: Participating in this program is FREE and includes many perks.  GtC provieds: breakfast and lunch, an unlimited Metro Transit bus pass or Saint Paul College parking card, textbooks, an iPad, computer lab access, tutoring, academic advising and a close-knit community feel.

    Q: How long will it take me to finish my high school diploma?

    A: Each GtC student is on an individual timeline and has different high school requirements left to fulfill.  You will know your graduation timeline after meeting with Gateway staff.

    Q: How can my parents/guardian best support me in this program?

    A: GtC strongly encourages parents/guardians to be an active partner in supporting GtC students.  To support students, parents/guardians can help students: with attendance, set GtC and college as a top family obligation, and understand that your student is in college and must adjust to new academic demands.

    Q: When is Graduation?

    A: The Spring 2019 Graduation ceremony is Tuesday, May 28th  at 6:00 PM at the University of St. Thomas. Graduates will receive a limited number of tickets for family to attend the ceremony.   

    • Mandatory Rehearsal for Graduates: 10:30AM on May 28 at St. Thomas OEC  
    • Graduation Location: University of St. Thomas OEC (O'Shaughnessy Educational Center)   2115 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN  
    • Ceremony Time: Graduates arrive at 5 PM and graduation ceremony will start promptly at 6 PM.  Each guest should have an entrance ticket that was provided to each graduate.  
    • Suggested Parking: Anderson Parking Facility near intersection of  Grand and Cretin Avenue   *Be advised the parking facility and OEC building are 1/2 mile walk so it will take at least 15 minutes to get from your parking spot to OEC building.