• Where are we located and who can attend?

    Flipside is available to any student living in the Saint Paul Public School District, regardless of whether you attend a public, private, charter, or home school. 


    Current 2019-2020 Sites

    American Indian Magnet School

    Farnsworth Aerospace 5-8 Upper Campus

    Humboldt High School

    Murray Middle School

    Ramsey Middle School

    Washington Technology Secondary

    We are sadden to announce to our supporters that we will no longer be offering Flipside programming at five sites due to lack of funding. Flipside has been funded by two large 21st Century Community Learning Centers grants for many years.  One grant supported Battle Creek Middle, Hazel Park Preparatory, Highland Park Middle, Global Arts Plus, Parkway Montessori.  This grant was a five-year grant and has ended. We had applied for continued funding, but it was not approved.  

    The second grant supports American Indian, Farnsworth Upper, Humboldt, Murray, Ramsey and Washington. This grant was awarded for three years and will end on August 31, 2020. 

    Program Goals


    • Provide activities which support academic success;
    • Give students an opportunity to discover their interests and talents by providing enrichment classes in music, science, performing arts, and athletics;
    • Provide opportunities for youth to develop leadership & 21st Century skills;
    • Provide opportunities for students to become more connected to school.
    • Provide opportunities to develop positive relationships with adults at school & in the community.

Contact Us

  • Deb Campobasso, Program Manager

    Hue Schlieu, Training Specialist

    Main Office
    Washington Technology School
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