• Partners

    Flipside strives to work in partnership with youth, families and community partners.  Flipside is offered through a joint partnership with the City of Saint Paul Public Library (SPPL). 

    SPPL Flipside and Saint Paul Public Library work in collaboration to support the literacy development of all Flipside participants.  For example: SPPL sponsored the January 2021 Activity Kit with books so to encourage families to participate in the Read Brave Library program and build home libraries. Saint Paul Public Library also has access to many online and digital resources that our participants are regularly encouraged to access to help them grow their literacy skills. Some of those resources include:   Library Go

    In addition to the Saint Paul Public Library Flipside works with many other community-based organizations across the city. We strive to provide high quality programming for youth to succeed in school and life. These partnerships expand learning and access to opportunities that many of our youth would not otherwise have access to.

    "In a year defined by uncertainty, Urban Boatbuilders' partnership with Flipside has felt remarkable in its consistency and adaptability. We have piloted two different remote woodworking programs with Flipside, and it's been a blast to hear about students' excitement at being able to craft folding chairs and folding desks at home. As we've worked to create a space where students can explore design concepts, work with tools and experience a variety of building materials, I'm grateful for the hard work and flexibility Flipside staff have shown in getting these programs up and running - it's certainly paid off!"

  • family


    Flipside Afterschool recognizes the value and importance of active and meaningful family engagement in their children’s education. At flipside we encourage families to:

    Connect with our team

    Join an Advisory Council


    Share your ideas and feedback about the program.


  • Youth

    Youth Voice & Choice

    Youth Voice
    At flipside youth have a chance to help design and shape the program through leadership roles, focus groups and surveys.

    Youth Choice
    All youth choose the classes and clubs that they want to participate in each semester.

    Youth have opportunities to lead activities within their class, roles to support the program and 8th graders are even hired for roles that support program implementation and evaluation.