Como Park Senior: Construction Project

  • CONSTRUCTION UPDATE - AUGUST 8, 2018 (Karen, Hmong, Somali, Spanish)

    As students, staff and families return to Como Park Senior High for the start of school, the building is going to look very different. We’d like to share some construction highlights of what to expect when you return and during the first months.

    For the start of school, we are opening the classroom addition; some renovated classrooms; and using a partially-completed student commons space. The media center and computer lab will open on October 22, after MEA break. Construction will continue through the school year again and we will provide updates throughout the year. All work is scheduled to be completed at Como by the end of 2019.

    Back to School

    • We are scheduled to complete current phases of construction and be ready for the return of teachers and students for the start of school.
    • The building addition is complete and ready for staff and students. It includes new classrooms, group meeting space, staff office space, and flexible learning spaces. A portion of the existing classrooms will also be renovated for the start of school. The renovated student commons, adjacent to the cafeteria, will require more work to finish next summer, but will be open for use this year.

    Impact on Programs and Instruction

    • Chemistry classrooms will be under construction through December; chemistry classes will be offered while sharing lab space with other sciences until the new labs are ready (anticipated completion is December).
    • Athletics spaces, the auditorium, cafeteria and other spaces that support school and after-school programs and activities will be available for use after August 27.
    • The Media Center is scheduled to open on October 22 (after MEA); Como staff will be updating the book collection while the Media Center is closed.


    • All areas of construction will be physically separated from areas occupied by students and staff.
    • Exterior areas supporting construction will continue to be fenced off from public areas; construction areas will have separate entrances to the building.
    • We expect the next phase of work to be completed near the end of the first semester.

    Como Park Senior High School has started the design process for building renovations that is based on SPPS’ 10-year Facilities Master Plan (FMP) to ensure its school buildings are able to meet the 21st century learning needs of students.
    A draft of the project work scope or plan is also available (please note these plans are conceptual designs and do not necessarily represent the work that will actually be done to the school); in summary, the project work scope is:
    A. Redoing artificial turf on competition field with installation of storm water management under field that will entail significant excavation; more lighting added to the field.
    Break ground: May 2017; Completion: Fall 2017
    Note: Schedule different from approved 5-year implementation plan, as construction economy and cash flow necessitated different sequence.
    Como Senior athletic field
    B. A building addition to increase capacity for about 100 more students with interior renovations to allow for more education spaces.
    Break ground: Fall 2017 (tentative); Completion: Late 2019
    C. A 2-story addition on south side of building that will take up some practice field space/open grass area.
    Break ground: Fall 2017 (tentative); Completion: Late 2019
    Como Senior High School Site Plan

    School Design Committee
    To help inform the renovations, a School Design Committee was formed by district and academic leaders, teachers, students, families, community members and key partners. Through the guidance of a Steering Committee, the School Design Committee has been collaborating with architects and engineers on the concept design for the project.

    To provide input on the renovations, the School Design Committee participated in four workshops; the goals and activities of each workshop is outlined below along with meeting notes.
    WORKSHOP 1: WHERE ARE WE? March 17, 2016

    Goal: To orient the School Design Committee to their charge and the framework of the FMP to date including the facilities Vision, Principles, Standards and the priorities and project scope identified for your school.

    • Introduction to process and conceptual scope
    • Small group work on what’s special about your school
    • See presentation

    To provide and explore examples of what learning environments could look like to support 21st century learning.

    • Introduction to what others are doing
    • How do facilities impact learning?
    • Small group work
    • See presentation
    WORKSHOP 3: WHAT DO WE WANT? April 26, 2016

    Goal: Program and adjacency exploration/validation

    • Review of space, program and what’s included
    • Design thinking hands-on exercise
    • Report back and next steps
    • See presentation

    Goal: Conceptual Design Validation

    • Report back outcomes of Workshop 3
    • Synthesis: Presentation of conceptual design
    • Small Group discussion
    • Report back and next steps
    • See presentation

Project Summary - Translations


  • For questions about the School Design Committee, contact the school’s main office at 651-293-8800.

Have you heard about the FMP?

  • Have you heard of the FMP?