Global Arts Plus Lower/Upper: COMPLETED fall 2018

  • LINWOOD PLAYGROUND (see site map): Over many months, several meetings were held to gather input from school staff, PTA and neighbors on the design of Linwood’s playground. SPPS was able to include most stakeholder requests such as shade, seating, infant swings  and a variety of play events providing a spectrum of challenges for children of all ages and abilities. The playground also incorporates a variety of net climbers allowing children to match their engagement with the equipment to their physical development. The nets also maximize the capacity of the playground by providing hang-out spots for social interaction. Finally, the unitary surfacing, which will be designed around the final equipment layout, will provide access to at least one type of each play event for children of all abilities.


    A photometric (exterior lighting) study was produced for the City of St. Paul to demonstrate compliance with city requirements. On the study, the brightness of a light is measured in “lumens” which provides a scale of brightness with ”0” being no light emitted in foot candle (FC), which is a unit of illumination. Linwood's design had a goal of 0.5FC level at the property line, which has been achieved; click the image below for a larger view of the photometrics study.

    The curved line (highlighted in red) shows levels of 5.5FC around the school. On the southside, light levels are at 0.5 FC for the area around the front entry, but that drops to 0.1FC at the sidewalk and then to 0.0FC across from the school. New lights will not be installed until this summer. Neighbors will not see any new lights cast onto their lawn. The light fixtures used are compliant with energy and light pollution regulations, are Dark Sky friendly, Design Lights Consortium (DLC) qualified, and are full cutoff (have no direct uplight, meaning no light is emitted above horizontally).

    Photometric Study

    PHASING PLAN: Click here for the Monroe/Upper Construction Phasing Plan (6/2/17); the image below shows which parts of the building will have work done over summer 2017 (dark areas marked by a “1”) and summer 2018 (light areas marked by a “2”)

    Linwood Monroe Arts Plus, a dual PreK-8 campus, started the design process for building renovations based on SPPS’ 10‐year Facilities Master Plan (FMP) to ensure its school buildings are able to meet the 21st century learning needs of students.


  • Project scope:

    • Adding 3-story addition next to the current building for additional learning spaces to accommodate the move of prekindergarten and grade 4 from Monroe to Linwood to provide more aligned academic support.
    • Renovating existing classrooms for equity in size.

    Variance(s): Lot coverage and building height; approved by the St. Paul City Council on April 19, 2017 (A copy of the SPPS' variance application is also available for viewing).

    Break ground: Summer 2017; Completion: Fall 2018

    A list of frequently asked questions from the April 21, 2016, Linwood community meeting is also available for review.

    To help inform the renovations, we have formed a School Design Committee made up of district and academic leaders, teachers, students, families, community members and key partners. Through the guidance of a Steering Committee, the School Design Committee will be collaborating with architects and engineers on the concept design for the project.To provide input on the renovations, the School Design Committee will participate in four workshops.


    Please expect increased traffic, noise and parking restrictions.

    SUMMER 2017

    • The school building will be closed to the public for the summer.
    • The kindergarten classroom will be demolished and relocated to a temporary area for next school year.
    • The gym will get a new divider.
    • June 2017: Construction begins, footings and foundation installed at Linwood (Monroe construction takes place during the summers of 2017 and 2018); removal of one ash tree on Fairmount to connect new sanitary storm system
    • June 14-30; August 7-13: Main office staff will temporarily relocate to district headquarters at 360 Colborne St.; staff phone numbers will remain the same.
    • June 20 (changed from June 13): The playground in the back of the school (corner of Fairmount and Oxford) will be dismantled; there will be no access to this playground or the yard next to it this summer or next school year. The playground structure and equipment will be recycled and donated to Kids Around the World playgrounds and sent to a developing country. The playground in front of the building (corner of Oxford and Osceola) will be accessible over the summer and next school year.
    • June 21/22: Demolition of kindergarten begins
    • Month of July: Staff will be on summer rooms break.
    • August 14: Principal and office staff will return to Linwood School after summer break.
    • August 28: Teaching staff return to Linwood from summer break.
    • Late August 2018: Monroe and Linwood projects completed; new Linwood playground completed

    FALL 2017

    • When student return in the fall, the three-story addition will have started being built.
    • The parking lot will remain as is for next school year.
    • Bus drop off and pick up locations will remain the same.
    • Parent drop off/pick up locations will likely change; more information to come.
    • The main entrance will remain accessible.
    • September-October 2017: Linwood will lead sessions with the school and community to design its playground structures; exact date to be determined
    • September-December 2017: Linwood building exterior shell erected


    • Spring 2018: Linwood addition completed
    • Summer 2018: Linwood interior renovations begins along with exterior site work and landscaping


    Click here for the Lower Campus Educational Adequacy Assessment (1/9/17)

    Click here for the Lower Campus site plan with revised first floor (updated 1/24/17)

    Linwood Floor Plans



  • For questions about the School Design Committee, contact the school’s main office at 651-293-8690.

Have you heard about the FMP?

  • Have you heard of the FMP?