• Creating and Constructing

    This Area of Study focuses on the many different ways to create and construct. Students will have the opportunity to explore and create using various classroom and real-world materials. There is a strong emphasis on the planning and preparing stages of creating. Students will be encouraged to think critically about the process of creating throughout the AOS. Students will gain a greater understanding of the creative process, ways to create for the purpose of helping others, and ways to express their own
    identity and culture through their creations. Big Idea: We are part of Communities.

    Helping in Our World

    Helping in Our World: This Area of Study focuses on the many people who help in our world. The study builds over the weeks by starting with students' own experiences of being a helper where they live (chores) and at school (cleaning, sharing, caring for the room.) The focus then expands to the family, school and people in the community who help. Students will understand we cannot meet all of our needs alone, so we need a community of helpers to survive and thrive! Big Idea: Communities.