• The Department of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment (REA) exists to:

    Inform Towards Improvement

    We will support the District's Mission

    To provide a premier education for all with long-range goals for high achievement, meaningful connections, and a respectful environment."

    Through our expertise in:

    Research & Evaluation

    We conduct inquiries and compile reports relative to all levels of operations within the district. We investigate student data and trends to support funded programs, shifts in organizational climate, and the evolving needs of the district.

    Data & Collection

    We increase reliability and validity while expressing ingenuity in our design and assessment practices. We synthesize information from a variety of sources; and then translate these findings into accessible and practical responses.

    Training & Guidance

    We provide training and guidance to school personnel in order to ensure that assessments are delivered in a fair, valid, and ethical manner. We provide guidance to school and district personnel regarding the accuracy of data collection for a variety of measures as well as data confidentiality requirements.


    We provide clear and accurate responses to all Saint Paul stakeholders. This includes stakeholders within the district as well as external stakeholders such as federal granting agencies, the greater St. Paul community, and the legislature.