Humboldt High School: Construction Project

  • CONSTRUCTION UPDATE - August 13, 2018: Please read the following letter to families from Humboldt High School for details on what to expect when school resumes on September 4. (Karen, Hmong, Spanish)

    ROAD CLOSURES - SUMMER 2018: Due to the next phase of construction at Humboldt High School, there will be significant construction traffic on the north side of Humboldt’s property next to Baker Street. This work requires extensive demolition of the building resulting in the need for construction dumpsters on the street and safe clearance for construction traffic. Baker Street will be closed for part of each day from June 18 through early August. The anticipated road closure will occur Monday to Friday from 7 am – 4 pm, though this may vary slightly depending on the daily construction schedule. Residents may still park on Baker St. overnight. Dumpsters will be placed in the school’s bus lane on Baker Street and road closure signage will be posted each day; signage will be removed at the end of each work day and on weekends when work is not active.

    Baker Street Road Closure

  • CONSTRUCTION STAGING AREA - OCTOBER 2017: To ease traffic congestion and parking issues around Humboldt High School due to construction, Saint Paul Public Schools has entered into an agreement with the West Side Community Organization to rent the property located on the corner of Livingston and Baker (see map below). Contractors will now use the corner property for construction parking and storage for the next year and possibly the remainder of the project. The property will be restored back to its original condition once contractors are done using it. 

    Property located on corner of Livingston and Bakerto be rented by St. Paul Public Schools


    Below, you can see Humboldt High School’s proposed redesign through a panorama view of some of its rooms and hallways.

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    Learning Stairs:

    Learning stairs

    Informal Learning:

    Informal Learning

  • School Design Committee
    Humboldt Senior High School is in the design process for building renovations that are based on SPPS’ 10-year Facilities Master Plan (FMP) to ensure its school buildings are able to meet the 21st century learning needs of students. A draft of the project work scope is also available (please note these plans are conceptual designs and do not necessarily represent the work that will actually be done to the school); in summary, the project will include two building additions:
    • One addition providing a "house" for the middle school students and relocate the main entry of the building to provide an identifiable entry adjacent to parking.

    • The other addition will allow the right-sizing of learning spaces to support the existing student population. Each of these additions will be three stories.

    • Part of the new main entry we will be modifying the site to provide an outdoor plaza adjacent to the entry for outdoor learning.

    • The project also includes interior renovations to right-size classrooms; co-locate Career and Technical Education and Fine Arts programs to allow for greater collaboration; and relocate administration services directly adjacent to the main entry for a safe and secure entry.

    • Break ground on project: June 2017

    • Completion of project: August 2020


    To help inform the renovations, we have formed a School Design Committee made up of district and academic leaders, teachers, students, families, community members and key partners. Through the guidance of a Steering Committee, the School Design Committee will be collaborating with architects and engineers on the concept design for the project. To provide input on the renovations, the School Design Committee will participate in four workshops. The goals and activities of each workshop is outlined below along with meeting notes where available. 
    Workshop 1: Where are we?
    Goal: To orient the School Design Committee to their charge and the framework of the FMP to date including the facilities Vision, Principles, Standards and the priorities and project scope identified for your school.
    Workshop 2: Envisioning the future.
    Goal: To provide and explore examples of what learning environments could look like to support 21st century learning.
    Workshop 3: What do we want?
    Goal: Program and adjacency exploration/validation


    Workshop 4: Synthesis and design validation.
    Goal: Conceptual Design Validation



Project Summary - Translations


Have you heard about the FMP?

  • Have you heard of the FMP?