Hmong Parent Advisory Council

  • Who We Are / Peb Yog

    We are Hmong parents of Saint Paul Public Schools. Our students comprise of 20% of the total student population. At every level of Saint Paul Public Schools, our students are impacted by the decisions that are made by the School Board. 

    HPAC Vision / HPAC Lub Zeem Muag

    To empower Hmong parents and students to help solve the achievement gap between Hmong students and their peers. We support student services and family education as resources to improve our children's education. 

    Our Mission / Peb Lub Hom Phaj

    To build a strong relationship between Hmong parents and Saint Paul Public Schools, so when parents have concerns they are willing to express their needs so we can help them. 

    Our long-term goal:

    • HPAC intends to establish strong relationships between parents, students, teachers, staff, administrators and district leaders in Saint Paul Public Schools. This goal will foster an informed collective voice that comes from Hmong parents.
    • We make recommendations to the Superintendent to improve the success of our students, families, schools, and district


    For more information or to become a member, contact Hmong Parent Advisory Council facilitator Pang Yang at (651) 744-4651 or

  • Join us for the 2019-2020 school year!

    • Sept 12
    • October 21
    • November 25
    • December 16
    • January 13
    • February 10
    • March 9
    • April 6
    • May 18
    • June 8

    HPAC meetings are held at 360 Colborne St (District Administration Building) from 5:30 to 8:00. Childcare and meals are provided.