Gymnastics Program Expectations

    • For Families:
      • Parents/guardians sign an emergency waiver on the first day of class. Copies of the waiver are available upon request.
      • Mark classes and no class days on your calendar.
      • Be on time. Accompany gymnast to and from the gym doors.
    • For Gymnasts
      • Be patient, respectful and pay attention.
      • Water bottles are encouraged but must have sealable lids. No food, gum or soda allowed in the gym.   
      • Wear proper athletic clothing.  Leotards are welcome but not required.  We recommend clothing that is snug to the body and not too long. Big and baggy clothing can cause students to trip or get caught on equipment.
      • Tie back long hair.
      • Remove jewelry for class.  If jewelry must be worn, e.g. earrings for newly pierced ears, or for cultural or religious reasons, you may be asked to place tape over them to prevent them from catching on equipment.

    On the first day of class for each session (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) a guardian must come to the entrance of the gym to check in and sign a waiver.  The waiver language is as follows:

    • I confirm that I give permission for my child to participate in the St. Paul Public Schools Community Education Gymnastics program.  I do hereby acknowledge that the sport of gymnastics involves greater than normal risk of catastrophic injury, paralysis and even death, as well as minor injury or loss.  I agree to assume all risks, costs or losses sustained by me, my child or my child’s family in connection with participation in the gymnastics program including, classes, meets and performances.  Further, I hereby release, agree to hold harmless and  indemnify the St. Paul Public Schools Community Education Gymnastics program, it’s members, officers, directors, staff and volunteers from any claims, losses or expenses incurred by or on behalf of me, my child or my child’s family.

    To provide a safe learning environment in our gymnastics gyms, observation of programs is limited to the last day of class.  Observers distract gymnasts and increase the possibility of accidents.  On observation day, guest children must be seated with their parent/guardian.  If guest children are running or on equipment, you will be asked to leave with your child.

    Participant Evaluation & Progression
    Gymnasts are evaluated throughout their class and receive copies of their evaluations on the last day of class.  These evaluations state what level the child should register for in the upcoming session.   Most youth stay at one level for several sessions before mastering the skills to progress to the next level. Coach approval is required to progress.