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    How does DNA tell the ribosome to make more of you?

    Monday 3/28: Transcription and Translation lab day.

    Tuesday 3/29: T, T and P Lab continued

    Wednesday 3/30: T, T and P Lab due.

    Thursday 3/31: review transcription, translation and protein synthesis and TAKE AN ORAL QUIZ!!!

    Friday 4/1: Good Bye Day for Miss Hesla.  Bring food to share with the class.


    Monday 3/21 Cancer Video Day

    Tues. 3/22 Why is protein important?  Class thinking and discussing about this topic.

    Wednesday 3/23 How does DNA tell the cell to make protein?  Notes on Transcription and Translation. Prelab homework.

    Thurs. 3/24 Lab Day, have lab notebooks and pre-labs ready to be Vadnais approved.

    Fri. 3/25 No classes. See you Monday 3/28 for more lab!


    Monday 3/14 Cancer Video Day

    Tues. 3/15: pedigrees and sexlinked traits

    Wed. 3/16: pedigrees and incomplete and codominance

    Thurs. 3/17: Kahoot review

    Friday. 3/18: Genetics and Meiosis Test


    Mon. 3/7: CCRC registration day for next year. Do haploid/diploid graphs and karyotype sheet.

    Tues. 3/8: Chapters 6.1 and 6.2 due in MYP. Notes on Mendelian traits and Punnett Squares

    Weds. 3/9: Punnett Square problems. Check in class.

    Thurs. 3/10: Punnett Square problems. Check in class.

    Fri. 3/11: Why do offspring resemble their parents? Lab in class.


    Mon. 2/29: Cancer Variety Show with biology students' videos and projects.

    How Do Offspring Resemble Their Parents?

    Tues. 3/1: Posters comparing mitosis and meiosis advantages and disadvantages

    Weds. 3/2: Meiosis videos, poster conclusions, some notes on meiosis

    Thurs. 3/3: Meiosis notes and practice sheets.

    Fri. 3/4: Human Traits inventory lab, tally data and make ratios, tie this to Mendel's data.


    Mon. 2/22: Hallmarks of Cancer research in computer lab

    Tues. 2/23: Introduce cancer project and rubric. Research day.

    Weds. 2/24: Cancer research day and videos.

    Thurs. 2/25: Cancer notes and videos

    Fri. 2/26: PD day, no classes.


    Monday 2/15: No School!

    Tuesday 2/16: What happens to the nucleus and chromosomes during each phase of PMAT?

    Weds. 2/17: Mitosis work stations: UofA with iPad, snap beads, real cell slides under the scopes.

    Thurs 2/18: Review Mitosis, DNA synthesis and Cell Cycle in all classes.

    Friday 2/19: Test Day!


    Mon. 2/8: Biology: DNA video on "Geometry of Life". MYP finish DNA structure lab.

    Tues. 2/9: All classes take notes on 8.3, DNA Replication

    Weds. 2/10 DNA Replication notes from chapter 8.3. DNA structure lab due (lab notebooks are due for MYP)

    Thurs. 2/11 Biology Readers chapter 8.3 are due. All classes demo DNA Replication in lab

    Frid. 2/12: Mitosis online with project WISE


    Mon. 2/1: Cell Cycle discover with educreations

    Tues. 2/2: Cell Cycle Notes, chapter 5.1

    Weds. 2/3: DNA structure Notes. 8.2 in biology. "Secret of Life" video in MYP

    Thurs. 2/4: DNA model building and oral quiz in biology. MYP finishes video

    Fri. 2/5: Chapter 8.2 Cornell Notes in biology. DNA structure notes and prelab in MYP.


    Mon. 1/ 25: complete pig dissection digestive system.

    Tues. 1/26: Digestive system review

    Weds. 1/27: review digestive system, enzymes and chemical reactions

    Thurs. 1/28: Test 4 Digestive system, enzymes and chemical reactions

    Friday 1/29 No School, grading day. END of Q2


    Mon. 1/18 MLK Holiday, no school

    Tues. 1/19: All classes finish digestion super notes

    Weds. 1/20: Pig Dissection external anatomy

    Thurs. 1/21: Pig Dissection cutting and opening.  The digestive system

    Fri. 1/22: Pig Dissection, the digestive system


    Monday, Jan 11, 2016: MYP takes notes on Enzymes, chapter 2.5. Do questions 1, 2, 4, and 5 in 2.5. Due Weds. Biology make the enzyme comic book strip.

    Tues. 1/12: MYP makes enzyme models in class. Biology Amylase Enzyme cracker lab.

    Weds. 1/13: Digestion connection (T shirts with laminated organs. Intro to organs on handout).

    Thurs. 1/14: digestive organ super notes research

    Fri. 1/15: students present their super notes


    Monday, Jan 4, 2016: All biology classes begin "Do Now" at first 5 minutes of class daily. 2.4 notes on chemical reactions. Do textbook ch. 32.2 study questions 1, 2, 3 and 5. Due Wednesday.

    Tuesday 1/5 Chemical reaction lab in biology.  MYP Liver Enzyme pre-Lab.

    Wednesday 1/6 MYP liver enzyme lab.  Biology 2.5 enzyme notes and demos. Hand in reader 2.4.

    Thursday 1/7 MYP liver enzyme lab. Biology enzyme models with playdoh. Work on reader 2.5. Due Monday.

    Friday 1/8 MYP finish liver enzyme lab. Biology finish 2.5 models and work on readers 2.5.


    Monday 12/21: Test review is due and time to work in class.

    Tues. 12/22: Nutrient and Cell Membrane test, chapters 2.3, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5


    Monday and Tuesday 12/14 and 12/15 Cell membrane structures and functions posters with note sheet. Ch. 3.3

    Wednesday 12/16: Passive Transport notes from ch. 3.4 and videos.

    Thursday 12/17: Active Transport notes from ch. 3.5 and videos. Test Review homework that is due Monday, 12/21.

    Friday 12/18: Osmosis in plant cells lab. Due in class today.


    Monday, 12/7 MYP: Lipid notes and short fat video

            Biology: review carbohydrate and lipid notes, make study sheet.

    Tuesday, 12/8 MYP: Fat video, review notes. Online Protein homework.

            Biology: Fat video, check study sheet, return papers, check grades. Protein homework online.

    Wednesday, 12/9 All classes finish online protein homework and take protein notes.

    Thursday, 12/10 Testing for proteins mini-lab.

    Friday, 12/11 Finish Protein lab. Enzymes demos and Models --> Proteins that get work done.


    11/30 Carbohydrate Notes, Chaper 2.3 due Friday

    12/1 Glucose structure lab. Study questions due in class.

    12/2 What are calories? (video) MYP: Carbohydrate Classification PreLab

    12/3 Biology: Lipid Notes. Record all your food for 24 hours.

            MYP: Carbohydrate lab, Due Friday (tomorrow)

    12/4 MYP: finish lab and report, due Monday.

            Biology: use gov. nutrition data base to analyze your 24 diet. Due end of class.


    11/23 and 11/24 Review for Cell Test on chapters 3.1 and 3.2

    11/25 Take Cell Test.

    11/26 and 11/27 Thanksgiving break


    11/9 Finish Animal Cell Poster and cell organelle glossary

    11/10 Cell Theory Notes

    11/11 Intro to the parts of the microscope and how they are used.

    11/12 Intro to Cells lab

    11/13 Protists Day!  Live cells lab


    11/2 What happens inside the cells after the hormones attach to the receptors?

    11/3 Test #2 Review, due in class

    11/4 Test #2 The Endocrine System

    11/5 The Virtual Cell Tour in science computer lab

    11/6 Make an animal cell poster and describe the organelle's functions


    10/26 How does the endocrine system work with other body systems, such as the nervous system?

              29.1 Power Notes on Nervous vs. Endocrine systems. Do Reader 29.1 in class.

    10/27 Map the Endocrine Glands on a body model. Teen Brain power Part 1. Work on Reader 29.6

    10/28 Map the endocrine glands in the brain on a model. Teen Brain Power part 2.

    10/29 1. What’s a gland? What’s a hormone? How do glands and hormones work together? Finish Reader 29.6

    10/30  How is it that hormones know exactly which tissues and organs to communicate with? Membrane receptors and Hormone Puzzle Game

    11/2 Negative Feedback and homeostasis. 

    11/3 Review 29.1 and 29.6

    11/4 29.1 and 29.6 Quiz. 

    11/5 Virtual Cell Tour 

    11/6 Make an animal Cell poster

    10/19 Return Nervous System tests and review them. Review variables and controlled variables.

    10/20 design a controlled experiment: The Flower Lab

    10/21 Set up the Flower Lab

    10/22 Design the variables with yeast lab

    10/23 Run the variables with yeast lab


    10/12 Due Monday: Nervous System Test Review

    10/13 Tuesday is the Nervous System Test

    10/14 Wednesday, intro to contolled set ups for experiments