Physical Science

  • updated: 3/1/15 




    CURRENT CHAPTER -- Matter 


    WHAT'S NEXT --



    Phase Change Lab due Feb. 3

    Specific Heat Worksheet due Feb. 4

    Heat Mass Lab due Feb. 5

    Review Day Feb. 5 


    Heat Test on February 8th 



    F=MA Worksheet #1 Nov. 12th 

    F=MA Worksheet #2 Nov. 16th 

    Video Presentations Nov. 18th 

    Isaac Newton Worksheet Nov. 19th 

    Newton's Cradle Lab Nov. 23rd 

    Third Law Stations Nov. 24th 

    Breaking the Law Worksheet Nov. 30th 

    Newton's Laws Quiz started Nov. 30th, finished Dec. 1st 


    Popper Lab Dec. 2nd

    Cup Lab Dec. 4th 


    Potential Energy Worksheet Dec. 9th

    Kinetic Energy Worksheet Dec. 10th  

    Potential and Kinetic Energy Worksheet Dec. 11th

    Energy Worksheet Dec. 14th 

    Conservation Worksheet Dec. 15th

    Energy Worksheets Dec. 16th  

    Energy Test Dec. 17th 


    Work and Power Practice Slides due Dec. 18th 

    Stair Lab due Jan. 4th 

    Human Crane Lab due Jan. 6th 

    Work and Power Review Worksheet due Jan. 6th 

    Work and Power Test on Jan. 7th 


    Slinkey Lab due Jan. 11

    Water Pan Homework Activity due Jan. 11 

    Pipe Cleaner Lab due Jan. 12

    Parts of a Wave Worksheet due Jan. 14

    Anatomy of a Wave Worksheet due Jan. 15 

    Bill Nye Video Worksheet due Jan. 19 

    Pipe Cleaner Waves Quiz due Jan. 20

    Waves Test Jan. 21 


    Temperature Conversion Half Sheet due Jan. 22

    Conductor / Insulator Slide due Jan. 25 

    Insulator Lab due Jan. 27 

    Exploring Heat Worksheet due Jan. 28



    Turn in Safety contract and syllabus on Sept 14th (Monday) for full credit.

    September 14th, Monday- Lab safety quiz

    September 18th, Friday- Make-up day for 9th grade Retreat.

    Sprinky Lab due Sept. 11

    Safety Quiz Sept. 14 

    Coin Contest due Sept. 16

    Airplane Lab due Sept. 17

    Volume Venture Lab due Sept. 18 

    Safety Posters due Sept. 22

    Volume Venture Lab due Sept. 25 

    Measuring Worksheets due Sept 29 

    Metric Mania Packet due Oct 1

    Scientific Method Test Oct 1

    Test 1 Review Nearpod:


    Lab Equipement Worksheet due Oct 5th 

    Graphing Packet due Oct 6th 

    Graphing Worksheets due Oct 7th 

    Density of Pennies Lab due Oct 9th

    Layering Lab due Oct 12th 

    Density Worksheet due Oct 14th 

    Graphing and Density Test Oct 14th 

    Test 2 Review Nearpod:


    Distance v. Displacement Lab due Oct 20 

    Determing Speed worksheet due Oct 23

    Hot Wheels Lab due Oct 26

    Acceleration worksheet due Oct 28

    Roller Coaster Lab due Oct 29 

    Acceleration worksheet #2 due Oct 30  

    Test 3 Nov 2nd 

    Test 3 Review Nearpod:


    Friction Surface Lab due Nov. 4th

    Rolling Friction Lab due Nov. 6th 

    End of Quarter 1 on Nov. 13th -- LAST DAY TO TURN IN LATE WORK IS NOV. 6TH 

    Forces Worksheet due Nov. 9th  

    Friction and Forces Quiz Nov. 10th 

    Draw Newton's Laws Nov. 11th 

    First Law Lab Nov. 13th 




    1.    Make a list of 10 household chemicals present at home with their common names and chemical names/ formulas.
    2.    Make a colorful poster about types of reactions with their definitions and one example of each.
    3.    Tell the class 3 chemistry jokes. You should be able to explain the chemistry behind them.
    4.    Bring in a magazine/ newspaper/ online article about chemistry and write a 1- page summary of it.