Accelerated Chemistry

  • GenChem Acid Base notes

    Chap 11 Quantum Numbers ppt

    Chap 4 Review list!!

    Chap 4 PPT for presentation details

    Ionic Bonding Chap 12+5 Notes

    Covalent bonding/ VSEPR notes

    Balancing equations Notes

    Types of reactions and Net ionic equations

    Mole notes

    Mole day song!!!!

    Equation Stoichiometry

    solution stoichiometry

    dilution equation notes

    Acid base notes

    Gas laws notes

    Chemical Kinetics and Equilibrium

    updated: 6/3/16



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    Chapter 2 (Measurements and Calculations)

    Syllabus and safety contract due on Monday Sept 12th for full credit.

    Algebra quiz on Friday Sept 9th- Score 60% or above to get extra credit.

    Bring $2 if you want to purchase your lab notebook from me.

    Lab notebooks with Density, Mass, and Foaming Egg labs due Sept .

    Chap 2 test on Sept .

    Chap 2 Powerpoint attached below 

    Chap 2 Review Neapod


    Chapter 3 (Matter)

    Matter Homework Packet due Oct

    Chap 3 test Oct

    Chap 3 Powerpoint attached below 

    Lab notebooks with Bunsen Burner, Stations, Separations, and Chromatography labs due Oct


    Chapter 4 (Chemical Foundations)

    Atomicity Problems due Oct

    Common Elements Quiz Oct

    Lab notesbook due with Snackium lab due Oct

    Scientist presentation in class Oct

    Scientist paper due Nov

    Periodic Table jigsaw presentation in class Nov 2nd 

    Periodic Table Review worksheet due Oct 22nd 

    Atomic Worksheet due Oct 26th 

    Ions Half Sheet Oct 29th 

    Periodic Table Labeling Activity due Nov 5th 

    Chap 4 test Nov 9th 

    Chap 4 Nearpod Review



    Chapter 11 (Electron Configuration)

    Justified True/False Statements done in class Nov 10th (5 pts) 

    Introduction exit ticket due Nov 10th (5 pts)  

    Orbitals Jigsaw and Presentation in class Nov 11th -- Notes posted below - "Orbital Activity from Nov. 11"

    Tool to play with energy levels:

    LAB DAY THURSDAY NOV. 12TH -- bring lab notenook to class 

    Quantum Numbers exit ticket due Nov 13th (5 pts) 

    Electron Configuration worksheet due Nov 17th (10 pts)

    Electron Configuration Shorthand worksheet due Nov 18th (6 pts) 

    Obrital Diagram exit ticket due end of class Nov 18th (5 pts)  

    LAB DAY THURSDAY NOV. 19TH -- bring lab notenook to class 

    Lab Notebook with Flame Test and AtomSmith Labs due Nov 24th (10 pts each) -- bring lab notenook to class

    Electron Configuration and Orbital Diagram worksheet due Nov 24th (10 pts) 

    Element Puzzles Exit Ticket due Nov 24th (5 pts) -- PDF posted below - "Element Puzzles" 

    What I have learned Exit Ticket due Dec. 1st (5 pts) 

    Justified True/False Statements due Dec 3rd (10 pts) -- key posted below

    REVIEW DAY Dec 2nd -- Nearpod here with answer slides! 

    Chap 11 test Dec 3rd (25 pts) -- remember to bring your periodic table to use on the test!

    This exam will be assessed using the MYP Assessment Criterion A  

    Further reading (just for fun!): 

    How elements got their names

    Are there any more elements? (and more about man-made elements) 

    More about biochemistry

    More about organic chemistry :) 

    How does cisplatin work? (pretty in depth, for the budding biochemist) 

    What are the elements used for? 

    PDF of some metals and their uses in medicine is posted below (Source: Gaynor, D.; Griffith, D. M. "The prevalence of metal-based drugs as therapeutic or diagnostic agents: beyond platium," Dalton Trans., 2012, 41, 13239-13257.)


    Chapter 5-12 (Ionic Bonding, Ionic and Covalent Naming)

    What are we learning this unit and how will I be assessed? -- attached below as "Bonding Part I Unit Plan" 

    Ionic Bonding Puzzles Exit Ticket Dec. 4th (5 pts) -- exit ticket attached below

    Naming Practice Exit Ticket Dec. 8th (5 pts) -- exit ticket attached below

    Polyatmoic Ions worksheet due Dec 8th -- names on back due Dec. 9th (10pts total)  

    LAB WEDNESDAY DEC. 9TH -- bring lab notebook to class

    DEMO IN CLASS FRIDAY DEC. 11TH --  bring lab notebook to class 

    LAB NOTEBOOKS DUE DEC. 14TH --  bring lab notebook to class (15 pts -- 10 for lab, 5 for demo) 

    Slides 50 and 51 on Naming Practice due Dec. 15th (9 pts) 

    Naming Ionic and Covalent Compounds Worksheet due Dec. 16th (15 pts) -- KEY POSTED 

    More naming practice -- game

    REVIEW DAY Dec. 17th -- practice test, key (Parts A and C), and rubric attached

    CHAPTER TEST Dec. 18th (24 pts) -- remember to bring your periodic table to use on the test


    Chapter 5-12 (VSEPR Theory)

    Lewis Dot Structure Practice Problems -- Slide 13 (4 pts) due Jan. 4th 

    Molecular Modeling Lab (MML) in class Jan. 6th and 7th (10 pts) 

    VSEPR Atom Smith Lab in class Jan. 8th (10 pts) 

    Polarity Practice Problems -- Slide 29 (6 pts) due Jan. 13

    Molecular Bonding Probelms -- Slide 30 (6 pts) due Jan. 13 

    Polarity Lab in class on Jan. 13th (10 pts) 

    Lab Notesbooks due THURSDAY JAN. 14TH with MML, VSEPR Atom Smith, and Polarity Labs  

    Molecular Bonding Practice and Review (5 pts for participation) in class Jan. 14 

    Book Assignment p. 377 (5 pts) due Jan. 19th 

    Review materials attached -- called: VSEPR Powerpoint (Look at the last few slides) 



    Chapters 6 and 7 (Balancing Equations and Tyoes of Reactions)

    ChemBalancer due Jan. 25th 

    Chemical Reactions Intro. Worksheet due Jan. 26th 

    Balancing Half Sheet due Jan. 26th 

    END OF Q2 

    Balancing Chemical Equations Review Slide (18-19) due Jan. 27

    Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheet due Jan. 27 

    Types of Reactions Worksheet due Feb. 4

    Types of Reactions lab on Feb. 4 -- Bring lab notebook to class!

    Chemical Reaction Types Worksheet due Feb. 8th

    LAB NOTEBOOKS DUE Feb. 8th -- Bring lab notebook to class!

    In - class problems on Feb. 9th (3 pts) 

    In - class problems on Feb. 10th (3 pts) 

    Review Worksheet due Feb. 12th 

    Topics for review at the end of the powerpoint -- types of reactions 

    Nearpod (with answer slides) here

    CHAPTER TEST February 12th


    Chapter 8 (The Mole)

    Mole Lab on Feb. 17th -- bring lab notebooks to class

    Exit Ticket due Feb. 18th (Slide 17 "Intro to the Mole") 

    Lab notebooks due Feb. 19th -- bring lab notebooks to class

    Exit Ticket due Feb. 19th (Slide 29 "Intro to the Mole") 

    Class work Feb. 22 for participation points (Slides 31-33 "Intro to the Mole") 

    Molar Mass calculations worksheet due start of class Feb. 23rd 

    Mixed Practice due Feb. 25th (Slide 46 "Intro to the Mole") -- answer key is slide 47 

    Mole Convserion Summary, Slide 48 "Intro to the Mole" 

    Exit Ticket due Feb. 25th (Slide 55 "Intro to the Mole") 

    Class work Feb. 29 for participation points, Slide 57 "Intro to the Mole"

    Notes March 1, Slides 59 - 64 -- Exit Ticket due March 1 (Slide 64 "Intro to the Mole")

    Notes March 2, Slides 66 - 72 "Intro to the Mole" 

    Class work March 3 (Slide 73 "Intro to the Mole") 

    Notes March 4, Slides 75 - 78 "Intro to the Mole" 

    Review worksheet in class March 7th, due March 10th

    Hydrate Lab March 9th -- bring lab notebooks to class

    Lab notebooks due March 11th -- bring lab notebooks to class

    Review Day March 8th -- Review PDF attached as "Mole Review"

    Mole Test Thursday, March 10th 


    Chapter 11 (Stoichiometry) 

    Notes March 11, Slides 1 - 7 "Stoichiometry Notes"

    March 14th -- REGISTRATION 

    March 15th, Slides 8 - 13 "Stoichiometry Notes"

    March 16th, Slide 14/15 "Stoichiometry Notes" and Stoic. Worksheet -- attached 

    March 17th, finished Stioc. Worksheet, exit ticket "How is stoichiometry going for you?" 

    March 18th, Slides 16 - 24  and exit ticket Slide 25 in "Stoichiometry Notes"

    March 21st, practice worksheet (paper copies only, not attached)

    March 22nd, Slides 26-35, exit ticket slide 36 in "Stoichiometry Notes"

    March 23rd, Slides 37-39 "Stoichiometry Notes" practice problems are DUE 3/24

    March 24th, Stoichiometry Lab -- bring lab notebook to class 

    Review Day March 28th -- materials attached "Stoic/LR Quiz Study Guide" and KEY 

    Stoichiometry Quiz 1 March 29th (Stoichiometry Calculations and LR) 

    March 30, Percent Yield Lab -- bring lab notebook to class 

    March 31, Percent Yield Notes (slides 42-47 in "Stoichiometry Notes") slide 45 DUE 4/11 

    April 1st, Molarity Notes, slides 48 - 56 in "Stoichiometry Notes" 

    April 11th, Molarity Review Worksheet (physical copies only, not attached, due 4/13)  

    April 12th, Dilutions Practice, slides 57-63 "Stoichiometry Notes" -- lab notebooks due

    April 13th, Dilutions Notes, slides 64-69 "Stoichiometry Notes" 

    April 14th, Dilutions Lab -- bring lab notebook to class 

    Review Day April 15th -- study guide and KEY attached-- lab notebooks due 

    Stoichiometry Quiz 2 April 18th (Percent Yield, Molarity, and Dilutions) 


    Gas Laws

    April 19th -- ACT

    April 20th -- Introduction to Gaw Laws -- slides 1 - 10 in "Gaw Laws Powerpoint"  -- slide 10 is an exit ticket

    April 21st -- Three Station Lab

    April 22nd -- Earth Day Presentations 

    April 25th -- Discuss the lab and work on conclusions (class data graph attached) 

    April  -- Gas Law Graphic Organizer

    April  -- Gas Laws Pracitce Problems # 1-17  -- lab notebooks due

    April -- Finish Gas Law Graphic Organizer and Gas Law Practice Problems 

    April  --  REVIEW DAY -- materials posted soon, Gas Law Practice Problems due today

    May -- Gaw Laws Quiz


    Acids and Bases

    Acid/Bases Powerpoint will be used for this unit. 

    May -- Slides 1-9

    May  -- Household Chemicals Lab

    May  -- 7UP and Sprite Lab

    May  -- Worksheet, Lab notebook due 

    May  -- Slides 11-15, worksheet   

    May  -- Slides 16-23 

    May -- Slides 29-38 

    May  -- Slides 49-48 

    May -- Review Day, materials attached (question 1 now updated) 


    May  -- Acids/Bases Quiz