Members and Membership

  • 2022-23 SEAC Membership 



    Melissa Weeks and Rachael Sewell

    Parent/Guardian Members:


    Tim Feyma

    Calton Sims

    Nicole Warner 

    RaShonda Muhammad

    Oahn Nguyen


    Staff Members:

    Amy Eelkema

    Community Members:

    Roxanne King 


    Executive Director of Specialized Services: 

    Brenda Natala

    Staff Liaison: 

    Jackie Kelly


    Why are you a SEAC member? 

    “I keep coming to SEAC because it’s beneficial to me and my grandson. They have information that benefits us right now and for the coming years.” “There’s a lot about Special Education that I didn’t know. Coming to SEAC I hear information first hand. And it’s good to know the people that can help me.” - Calton Sims





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    Membership Information

    The Saint Paul Public Schools Board of Education invites all family members, community members and staff to serve on school district advisory committees and councils. The Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC) strives for diverse member perspective.


    If you are interested in becoming a member of SEAC, you may apply online or download and complete the application form below.

    Link to: Online Application

    Link to: Download paper application

    For questions or to return paper applications email: