Dance Program Focus

  • In Saint Paul Public Schools, the primary emphasis of dance education is for students to explore and express ideas and stories through movement. They learn about dances from other cultures, then compare them to each other to understand how dance is used around the world. Students are introduced to the procedures, etiquette and vocabulary required for safe, fun and effective participation and are provided with a sequential introduction to dance techniques such as warm-up, cool down, improvisation, conditioning, stretching, and injury prevention. Students conduct creative movement studies using the Elements of Dance: Body, Action, Space, Time and Energy. At some schools and at arts-focused schools, students explore styles of dance such as jazz, ballet, modern, tap, folk, hip-hop, rumba, salsa and ballroom. 

    Students in Saint Paul Public Schools have opportunities in:

    • Elementary K-5 classroom dance and movement is infused in some physical education and general education classes.
    • Secondary dance courses include Dance and Movement Explorations, and Dance Intermediate and Advanced.
    • At some schools dance is also explored with teaching artists through programs such as Ordway's Dance to Learn and with the Heart of Dance organization.

Saint Paul Public Schools Dance Education Supporters

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