• Visual Arts

  • Visual Arts Program Focus

    In Saint Paul Public Schools, the primary emphasis of the visual arts courses is the exploration of artistic contexts and content relevant to students and which allow them to explore their creativity and acquire new knowledge and skills. Participation in visual arts classes provides a solid introduction to the formal, technical, and expressive qualities of several art media such as drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, jewelry, crafts, design and photography.

    In addition to these, compositional theory, art history, exploratory avenues of visual arts tools and mediums and strengthening of skills is initiated. Advanced courses reinforce what is previously learned, strengthening and challenging students to achieve an advanced level within the discipline of visual arts.


    Students in Saint Paul Public Schools have opportunities in:

    • Elementary K-5 visual arts is taught by specialists or by general education teachers. Visual arts is also integrated with other content areas.
    • Secondary visual arts courses include drawing, painting, ceramics, schulpture, printmaking, jewelry, photography, sculpture, design, specialized focus courses, mixed media, art history and AP, IB and MYP art.
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