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  • DigitalWorks: Engaging English Language Arts and Mathematics Through Media Arts, is a four-year U. S. Department of Education Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination grant.

    DigitalWorks aims to integrate Media Arts into English Language Arts and Math curriculum through targeted professional development and support for integrating technology and media arts pedagogy into instruction.

    DigitalWorks Ojectives

    • Increase the percentage of students at pilot school sites who demonstrate proficiency on state standardized assessments of Math and English Language Arts
    • Demonstrate proficiency for students at pilot schools in curricular assessments of arts-integrated Media Arts, Math, and English Language Arts learning
    • Improve teacher effectiveness in designing, delivering, and measuring arts-integrated student learning.

    In project Years 1-3, DigitalWorks works with grade 3-8 teachers at four pilot schools - Mississippi Creative Arts and Maxfield Elementary and Humboldt and Creative Arts Middle Schools. In Years 3 and 4, professional development, curriculum, assessments and resources created are disseminated locally and nationally.

    A project goal is for SPPS to create a sustainable and replicable framework for Arts Integration, which will support future district Arts Integration efforts and can be used by districts throughout the country.

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