• DigitalWorks Grant Information

    DigitalWorks: Engaging the Common Core through Media Arts 

    Grant Abstract submitted to the U.S. Department of Education:

    Grantee Name: Independent School District #625, Saint Paul Public Schools

    Grantee Project Name: DigitalWorks: Engaging the Common Core through Media Arts

    Funding Amount (Four year total): $1,209,026

    Schools Served: Maxfield, Mississippi, Creative Arts and Humboldt Middle in Years 1-4

    District Scaleout: Arts Integration professional development rolled out to all schools for grades 3-8

    Project Design:

    Year 1             (Winter 2014)                start with grades 4 & 6

    Year 2             (2014-2015)                  add grades 5 & 7

    Year 3             (2015-2016)                  add grades 3 & 8

    Year 4             (2016-2017)                  scale out district wide

    DigitalWorks Arts Integration Team:

    • Jan Spencer de Gutiérrez, Director
    • Susannah Harris - Elementary Lead, Arts Specialist
    • Eric Swan - Secondary Lead, Arts Specialist


    • Dr. Marian Heinrichs, Manager of Program Evaluation
    • Dr. Christa Treichel, External Evaluation Consultant, Cooperative Ventures

    Lead Teacher Teams:

    Teachers of grades 3-8 in Mississippi, Maxfield, Creative Arts and Humboldt Middle

    Lead Teacher Team Roles
    In collaboration with Arts the Integration Team, Lead Teachers:

    • Participate in Media Arts & technology PD
    • Write curriculum and assessments
    • Refine curriculum
    • Implement project elements with students
    • Support the Arts Integration Team during district-wide scale out (teach model lessons, serve as peer mentors)

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