• Media Arts

  • What is Media Arts?

    "Media Arts" refers to artistic expressions that depend on a technological component to function and integrate the four traditional art forms of visual arts, music, dance and theatre. The term "media" applies to any communication device used to transmit and store information. By incorporating emerging technologies into their artworks, student artists are using new media and are constantly redefining the traditional categories of art.


    Media Arts Program Focus

    In Saint Paul Public Schools, the primary emphasis of the media arts education is the exploration of artistic contexts and content relevant to students and which allow them to explore their creativity and acquire new knowledge and skills. Media arts are art forms including digial animation, graphic design, film kinetic art, generative art, television, interactive media, biotechnology as art, three-dimensional printing, light art, digital poetry and recording and sound technology.


    Students in Saint Paul Public Schools have opportunities in:

    • Elementary K-5 classrooms, to integrate media ats with other content areas primarily by using iPads as a tool.
    • Secondary media arts courses incuding Media Arts Explorations, Graphic Design, Web Design, Flim, Digital Photography and Music Tech.
    • Grades 3-8 students also have opportunities through the U.S. Department of Educatinon DigitalWorks grant project which integrates media arts through English Language Arts and Math.
  • Saint Paul Public Schools Media Arts Supporters