Pilot Testing the Survey

  •  CheckmarkPilot the survey on individuals who are similar to the intended respondents, making sure that the piloted sample is representative of the actual survey sample in terms of demographic characteristics.

     CheckmarkInclude the appropriate number of individuals in the pilot. 10 - 20 completed surveys is usually adequate, depending on the size and composition of the total population being sampled.

     CheckmarkMimic the actual survey administration plan as much as possible.

     CheckmarkTime how long it takes individuals to complete the survey.

     CheckmarkGather feedback and reactions to the survey and to the survey process.

     CheckmarkIn reviewing survey responses, look for the following signs that some editing is needed:
     • little variance in responses
     • too many "other" responses
     • too many "I don't know" responses
     • misinterpretation of open-ended items
     • skipped items
     • directions not being followed (e.g., more than one answer checked when instructed to "check one")

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