Karen Parent Advisory Council

  • What we do:

    We meet monthly to share and discuss ongoing issues that effect Karen students and families. Our ultimate goal is to turn dialogue into action for better education experiences for Karen students and parents in SPPS.


    Our mission:

    To empower Karen parents to help their children and strengthen a partnership between home and school



    To promote a partnership between Karen parents and Saint Paul Public Schools to improve educational programs and services for Karen students.






  • Join us at our monthly meetings!

    All meetings will be from 6-8 p.m. at 360 Colborne.

    2019-20 meetings

    • September 20
    • October 25
    • November 22
    • December 6
    • January 17
    • February 21
    • March 20
    • April 17
    • May 22
    • June 5

    For more information, contact Saw Sunshine Timothy at 651-744-6282.