• Parent Resources

    Emergency Shelter

    If you need family emergency shelter in Ramsey County, you can call 211.  They will refer you to Coordinated Access for Housing and Shelter (CAHS).  Once you receive a call back from CAHS, you will complete an assessment to determine shelter alternatives. Brochure for CAHS

    Domestic Abuse Shelter

    If you need to access a domestic abuse shelter, you should call Day 1 at 1-866-223-1111.  You will be routed to the nearest shelter with an opening.

    Educational Assistance

    If you need educational assistance for your child, please contact the school social worker or a support staff at your child's school.  The phone directory for all schools and programs for Saint Paul Public Schools can be found here:  https://www.spps.org/Directory

  • Resources from Special Education Dept 

    Upcoming events and meetings will be posted here when avaiable

    Questions or concerns call Jackie Kelly 651-767-4547 or email jackie.kelly@spps.org



  • The number of families experiencing homelessness continues to rise in Ramsey County.  If you need help finding housing you can call the Coordinated Access To Housing and Shelter at 211

  • Get help for homeless college students at the Homeless Youth and Higher Education or MoneyGeek websites.