• FAQ's for Parents of Students Experiencing Homelessness

    What do I do to enroll my children in school? 
    To enroll your children in school, you will need to go to the Placement Center located at 2102 University Ave. W. 

    Who do I contact at my child’s school to help with my living situation?
    If you want to speak to someone at school in reference to your living situation, you may ask to speak to the school's social worker or another supppor staff at your child's school.  That person will be able to refer you to resources within the community or may refer you to a school social worker at REACH.

    Is transportation available from where I am currently staying?
    Project REACH will be able to provide transportation to your children if they are attending their school of origin. The school of origin is the school that your children were attending  when you became homeless.

    Who should I call if my child misses their bus?
    You should call your child's school and let them know what happened.  You can ask if there is anyway they can help get your child to school.  You should also call the bus garage if your child does get to school so they know he/she will need a ride home on the bus.  Phone number is 651-293-5908. 

    How can I get help for my preschooler?
    In Ramsey County there is a Central Intake phone number you can call for information 651-604-3700.  They should be able to direct you to any appropriate resources for your child.  You can also call the St. Paul Schools regarding their 3 and 4 yr. old programs at 651-632-3700.

    Is summer school available for my children?
    YES!  Summer school is available for all children experiencing homelessness. Please ask your school for more information.

    How can my child get free meals?
    All children who are determined to be homeless are eligible for free meals at their school.  You do need to let either the school social worker or the homeless contact person at your child's school know what your living situation is.  

    Will someone help me track down past school records?
    Yes,  In appropriately placing students in the correct grade, level of services if they are in need of special ed. services staff at the Placement Center and the Title I Homeless Program will contact past school districts to get academic records, health records and Special Education IEP information.

    Can I keep my living situation private?
    Yes you may keep your living situation private. The Placement Center allows for private address to be hidden within  a file of a student.  Only certain individuals would have access to this information.  REACH staff and school personnel also have the ability to code address of domestic abuse womens' shelters or  addresses that are unpublished so they are not readily available.

    How can I find out about community resources?

    • Our program social workers can help you with resources.  They can be called directly or you can work through the social worker at your child's school.
    • If you have access to the internet or go to a public library, type in "Community Resources" for the area you are living in or any other community. You can also simply dial 211 and ask for assistance.  211 is a resource number used throughout  the Twin Cities.