• FAQ's for Students

    If I cannot stay at home, where do I start to get help?
    You can call the Bridge for Runaway Youth in the Twin Cities at 612-377-8800 or Safe House at 651-644-3446.

    What youth shelters are available for me to stay at? 
    Shelter availabilty changes every day.  You can check on Facebook for Streetworks Collaborative or call 651-266-4143 in Ramsey County.

    If I haven’t attended school for awhile and I want to re-enroll what should I do? 
    Contact our Student Placement Center located at 2102 University Ave. in Saint Paul or call them at 651-632-3700.

    Can I apply for financial aid for college if I am homeless and do not live with my parents? 
    Yes. More information regarding higher education assistance for students experiecing homelessness can be found here:  http://www.naehcy.org/educational-resources/higher-ed

    I'm behind in credits, what can I do? 
    You can enroll in ALC or additional afterschool or summer programs available through your school.

    I need to work but want to go to school.  Can I do both? 

    Where can I go to get assistance with a GED? 
    Hubb Center;  1030 University Ave. W;    St Paul, MN 55104     651  290-4822
    Safe Zone; 308 Prince St.;     St. Paul, MN 55101     651 224-9944

    I’ve missed school and my school has dropped me.  What can I do? 
    Call the current school you were attending and speak with the School Counselor or the Student Placement Center at 651 632-3701.

    I have a young child and still want to attend school?  What are my options? 
    Call and make an appoint at the Student Placement Center  to discus your options,  651-632-3701.

    Where can I go for other resources like food, clothing, or medical help? 
    Call First Call for Help at 211 or 651 291-0211
    Local County Agencies
    Local Food Shelves