• How to Refer a Student to Project REACH

    Project REACH accepts referrals from the designated homeless contact at each school.  Students can be referred to our team by competing a homeless enrollment form and faxing it to us.   Please remember a form is needed for any family living in one of the following .   

    • Those living in emergency, domestic abuse or transitional shelters
    • Those living temporarily with other family members or friends because they do not have a place of their own
    • Those living in their car, outside or in a public place
    • A child staying in emergency foster care (short term, this does not include foster placement)
    • An unaccompanied youth who is not in physical custody of a parent or legal guardian

    If you have a family or student in one of these situations that would like services from our team, please complete a referral at www.projectreachref.spps.org  One of our team members will contact the family and set up services including transportation, free meals, school supplies etc. Thank you in advance for assisting the homeless families at your school connect with the REACH team.

  • Project REACH referral link.

  • To guarantee transportation without additional delay, it is important to have student addresses up to date in Campus.  You can find additional information here:

    To add an address not in Campus, please request a new address through the Campus system.