• Enrollment Procedures

    The Saint Paul Public Schools Title I Homeless Program ensures the immediate enrollment of homeless children and youth even if the students lack records (academic, medical, and proof of residency orother documentation).  Immediate enrollment includes attending classes and fully participating in school activities.  All schools are required to follow these enrollment guidelines when registering a student in school.

    When requested, the program provides transportation to students to participate in after-school activities including Area Learning Center programming, sports activities and extra curricular activities.

    The Title I Homeless Program has developed an enrollment form where parents or unaccompanied youth can self-identify as homeless when enrolling in school.  This form can be used anytime during the school year if a student becomes homeless.  If a student is homeless and not working with the Title I Program, the student needs to be designated as homeless in Campus.  To access the form or get instructions on how to designate in Campus, please contact Anne McInerney at 651-744-2565 or access the Title I / Funded Programs website, or get the form below.


    Attendance Procedures

    Program staff work closely with shelter and school personnel to ensure homeless students attend school regularly.  

    Program staff checks attendance records and address attendance concerns directly with the student’s parent. 

    Collaboration with the district transportation department allows students to attend school even when regular busing is not available.  The program also provides parents with transportation to school conferences or meetings when problems persist.

    The homeless contacts designated in Saint Paul Public Schools collaborate with the Title I homeless staff regarding attendance and truancy concerns. 

    Home visits are completed at hotels, motels, shelters, and doubled up situations when appropriate.

    Transportation does not always allow the student to get to school on time.  Students should not be marked absent because they are not there at the start of the day when busing is an issue.   

    If absenteeism of a homeless student persists, school staff should notify the Title I Homeless Program staff to assist.  The homeless staff will work directly with the parents to try to resolve the attendance issues.