• Post Secondary Options

    Applying for College and Other Training Programs

    Youth can begin thinking about their options after high school many years in advance. The Minnesota Office of Higher Education offers suggestions for things you can do and think about each year from middle school until graduation.

    The best resource for all students in applying for college is their school's counseling department. Make sure you know who your counselor is, and go to them directly with any questions relating to testing and applications.


    Paying for College and Other Training Programs

    Education and Training Vouchers (ETVs) are grants for youth ages 18-21 who were in foster care at the time they turned 16, regardless of whether they achieved permanency after that point, and/or were state wards when they turned 18. The grants help support youth while they are enrolled in college or a vocational/technical program. Youth should complete the ETV application as soon as they are admitted to a qualifying program. To apply, contact your caseworker. If you no longer have a caseworker, call 651-431-4663 or emailDHS.ETVcoordinator@state.mn.us.

    Tuition waivers are available for state wards up to age 21 who attend Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU). Contact the college or university to notify them of your state ward status and find out about the necessary forms.

    The Children's Law Center has compiled a list of other scholarships and funding opportunities for Minnesota youth in foster care.