• School Board Policy - Family Involvement

    The Board believes that the involvement of families in their children's education every year, pre-K-12, has a positive impact on the students' success in school. Research indicates that planned, comprehensive family involvement can contribute to the achievement of key school goals. The Board also believes children are more likely to be successful when parents or families and school staff work as a team to support each student.

    Each school site and program is responsible for collaborating with its community of families to develop and implement a written Family-School Partnership Agreement that includes school guidelines and strategies to support the following:

    A. Implementing a research-based, comprehensive approach to parent
    involvement that includes the following elements:

    • Parenting
    • Communicating
    • Volunteering
    • Learning at Home
    • Decision Making
    • Collaborating with the Community

    B. Sharing responsibility for high expectations and student performance.

    C. Building the involvement capacity of school or program staff and families.

    D. Increasing access and engagement of all families with children.

    Institution-wide support from the Board, district administration, program leaders, school principals and staff will insure integration of family-school involvement throughout district activities, including development and evaluation of district and school improvement plans. Parent participation in an annual evaluation of local School Continuous Improvement Plans (SCIPs) and the effectiveness of the research-based standards will provide recommendations to revise and improve policy and procedures as needed. Procedures for the annual review will follow federal Title I guidelines.