• Tier 1 - Universalt

    Tier 1 (Core Content) is the academic and behavioral supports provided to all students.  


    Tier 1 Foundation For All Students

    The following steps illustrate the general process to guide schools in developing a strong Tier 1 foundation:

    • Establish commitment
    • Establish school’s PBIS team
    • Establish data collection system
    • Define and teach 3-5 positive school-wide expectations
    • Design systems for positive acknowledgement and reinforcement of school-wide behavior expectations
    • Design predictable systems for responding to problem behavior
    • Engage parents & families in establishing school climate & culture
    • Use data-driven decision-making process

    Systems of Supports

    Tier 1 includes the following supports:

    • Effective Instruction
    • Evidence Based Classroom Management with Differentiated Instruction 
    • Active Supervision
    • Positive relationship & community building
    • Positive reinforcement & interactions (4:1)
    • Restorative classroom practices for redirections
    • Social & emotional skills
    • High quality, evidence-based curricula, instructional practices and interventions  Tier 2  Tier 3
    PDF Team Implementation Checklist (TIC) How to Giude   --  This document guides the TIC process from the beginning to entering results on the PBIS Apps website. The TIC is a self-assessment survey for school PBIS teams that serves to progress monitor Tier 1 implementation and to create action plans.
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