Survey Questions and Format

  • Survey Questions

    The survey must include questions that align with the five engagement categories: Active, Safe, Respected, Challenged, and Supported. Educators select questions from a bank of age and culturally-appropriate questions. Educators must select at minimum:

    • PK - 2: One question per category
    • 3 - 5: Two questions per category
    • 6 - 8: Two questions per category
    • 9 -12, Adult: Two questions per category

    Learners are asked to self-identify their race on anonymous surveys in order to provide opportunities for educators to have Courageous Conversations around engagement data. Guidance from the SPPS Office of Research, Evaluation and Assessment along with statistical standards from the National Center of Education Statistics were utilized when developing how to ask learners to self-identify their race/ethnicity.

    If a learner chooses not to self-identify their race/ethnicity, then the question should be left blank. Similarly, if a learner cannot self-identify their race/ethnicity then the question should be left blank. It is challenging to develop a survey which encompasses the richness and complexity of ethnicity, race, and culture in a one size fits all model. Based on feedback from learners and staff, third through twelfth grade and adult learners will be able to choose to answer an open ended question regarding the word(s) that best describe their ethnicity, race, and/or culture.

    The survey states, "It is hard to develop a survey that includes all ethnicities, races, and cultures in our community. This information helps educators improve learning for all students. Please select the options that best describe who you are."

    My race/ethnicity is (mark one or more):

    • American Indian or Alaska Native
    • Asian
    • Black or African American
    • Hispanic or Latino
    • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
    • White

    What word(s) best describe your ethnicity, race, and/or culture? (3-12, Adult levels)

    Survey Format

    Student Engagement Surveys have students rate responses on a Likert Scale. 

    PK - 2 have a Likert scale of three options including face icons.  Example of PK-2 survey.

    • Yes
    • Sometimes
    • No

    3 - 12, Adult have a Likert Scale of five options.  Examples of 3-56-89-12 surveys.

    • Yes Always
    • Mostly Yes
    • Maybe Sometimes
    • Mostly No
    • No
    Surveys take approximately 15-20 minutes for learners to complete depending on grade level.