Evaluation Tools Format and Scoring

  • Each evaluation tool is comprised of domains.  The number of domains varies based on the evaluation tool.  Each domain represents a percent of the evaluation. The Professional Responsibilities domain is a consistent 20% on all evaluation tools for TD&E educators.  For example, the Standards of Effective Teaching (SET) is made up of three domains:
    45% Elements of Effective Instruction
    35% Environment for Learning
    20% Professional Responsibilities
    Each domain is broken down into elements.  Each element has performance level description indicators for Below Standard, Developing, Proficient, and Distinguished.  Underlined areas under a performance level of Distinguished will eventually move to proficient as Saint Paul Public Schools implements strategies around Personalized Learning.
    Domain Element Indicator
    A comparison of the SET to other evaluation tools such as work by Charlotte Danielson and Robert Marzano can be accessed here.
    At the time of an evaluation, an Excel version of the tool is used to assist in summarizing information. Excel files can be downloaded by SPPS staff from the Human Resources website.