Guest Access for Non-SPPS Employees

  • SPPS PDExpress Guest accounts are for non-SPPS employees only.  Non-Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) employees may access PDExpress here.  You will have the opportunity to request a Guest ID.  Your request will be reviewed within one week of submission and will receive approval or non-approval.  You will receive an email indicating approval or non-approval with additional information.  


    Once activated, you will be able to access your SPPS PDExpress guest account by logging in here with your username and password.  With a guest account, you will be able to either request registration for courses or register for courses that are available for non-SPPS employees.  Guests do not have access to the entire course catalog offered within SPPS.  The courses that are offered for guests will be in-person professional learning courses.  Additionally, registration is at the discretion of the department/presenter(s).  If you have questions about registration for a particular course, you can contact the presenter(s).


    You will also be able to print a transcript of all completed course clock hours within a month of completing a course.  To do this you will click the TRANSCRIPT tab in the top, left corner of the screen once you have logged in to your account.  


    If you have additional questions about navigating PDExpress, please access the RESOURCES tab and choose ADDITIONAL RESOURCES.  For other questions, contact the PDExpress administrator at