Quotes From Past Mentors and Mentees

  • Mentees said:

    "Mentoring helped me set a goal and work with others to achieve it."


    "Mentoring gave me practical ideas and a person I could confide

    in regarding my concerns and emotions within a

    year that has given me many challenges."


    "Reflection is an excellent tool for growth and informing the process I use for my practice as an educator."



    Mentors said:


    "Mentoring allowed me to share my thoughts/ideas with a teacher that was new to SPPS.  

    It also allowed me to reflect on my own teaching practice and get

    new ideas from another teacher.  It provided great collaboration."


    "I built a relationship with a valued colleague and friend."


    "I gained confidence in my abilities as a leader and it

    also helped me reflect on my own practices.  

    This experience has helped me to be an even more reflective educator."