Step 2: Complete Program

  • 2020 Wellbeing Initiative 

    The Wellbeing Initiative starts January 13, 2020 and ends October 18, 2020.

    Staff and covered spouses can login to choose and complete one wellbeing activity*.



    Activities to choose from in 2020:

    • Sleep Tracker
    • Healthy Thinking 
    • Go Fruits & Veggies 
    • Stress Tracker
    • 10,000 Steps
    • Wellbeats
    • Phone Coaching
    • Attitude of Gratitude
    • Frequent Fitness
    • Smart Nutrition
    • Staff Yoga (Staff Yoga Waiver)
    • Omada
    • Your Choice


    Complete your activity early, some programs take several weeks to complete.


    *Staff members moving to PEIP beginning on January 1, 2021 will no longer be eligible to receive the preferred benefit but are still eligible to participate in the Wellness Initiative through 2020. 


    If you have questions, contact Jenna Boldt at