• Digital Citizenship for Staff


  • What is Digital Citizenship?

    Digital Citizenship includes appropriate and responsible use of technology by staff and students and is an important expectation for the security and data privacy of our 1:1 iPad environment.

    In compliance with the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) St Paul Public Schools provides students with lessons on:

    • digital citizenship
    • online safety and privacy
    • appropriate online behavior

    St Paul Public Schools partners with Common Sense Media to provide lessons on digital citizenship. School can earn Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Certification after completing additional lessons and holding a parent outreach activity.

  • Required Digital Citizenship Lesson Reporting for School Staff

    Reporting IconPrincipals, school clerks and teachers access the reporting instructions at the link here. Also available

    • access to the required lessons
    • helpful video tutorials
    • step by step reporting instructions

  • Have questions? Contact Chris Turnbull for more information on Digital Citizenship.


  • Be responsible. Be respectful. Be safe


    All licensed staff should be familiar with the concepts of digital citizenship, online safety and privacy and appropriate online behavior.

    Interested in earning the Digital Citizenship Certification? Common Sense Media Logo

    Schools can earn the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Certification by completing the following:

    • Teach 3 required CIPA lessons
    • Teach 2 additional lessons during the school year
    • Record all lessons in Campus
    • Maintain a parent resources section on the school website
    • Have a link to Common Sense Media website on the school website
    • Sponsor a parent outreach activity about digital citizenship.

    All information and artifacts from the parent outreach activity should be submitted to Chris Turnbull.

    Schools that earn the certification receive a digital badge to display on the school website and a banner.

  • Interested in learning more about the Digital Citizenship components?

    Digital Citizenship Manual Link IconVisit the Digital Citizenship Manual for SPPS Educators

    Schoology Link Icon Enroll in SPPS professional learning Schoology courses to learn more about digital citizenship, copyright, and fair use.  

  • Teachers, do your students’ parents or guardians have questions about Digital Citizenship?  

    SPPS provides helpful links and printed information for parents and students to help them learn about Digital Citizenship.

    Direct your families to the link below for help. 

    Digital Citizenship at Home