• CIPA Requirements

    The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) provides federal funding for our district's internet infrastructure and requires that schools and libraries use internet filters and other tools to protect children from harmful online content and that school districts educate every student on digital citizenship, online privacy and safety, and appropriate online behavior every year in order to continue receiving eRate funding.


    September Is Digital Citizenship Month For Saint Paul Public Schools

    See this link for information: Digital Citizenship Month


    All Schools Will Use Campus To Record Digital Citizenship Lesson Completion

    All schools will record completion of the three required CIPA Digital Citizenship lessons in Campus, as well as the two optional activities that lead to certification by Common Sense Media if pursuing the school recognition.


    Steps To Follow:

    1. Principals decide which teachers/staff will teach the three required CIPA lessons in September (examples: elementary grade level homeroom teacher, Middle school Foundations course teachers, secondary English teachers, etc.).
    2. Campus Clerks and Secondary Campus Schedulers should see Digital Citizenship when searching under Course/Section in Campus. If not, submit a Service Desk Ticket requesting set up of Digital Citizenship course in Campus for tracking student completion of CIPA lessons. Campus team will create course and open grading/posting grades.
    3. Elementary Campus Clerks and Secondary Campus Schedulers add the Digital Citizenship course and create sections with the following course numbers before the first day of the 2022-23 school year.
      • Elementary-   Z207020   
      • Middle-          Z307020
      • High School-  Z407020
    4. Elementary Campus Clerks and Secondary Campus Schedulers copy the student roster over from the designated teachers’ classes to the Digital Citizenship course sections.

    5. Designated staff teach CIPA lessons in September and throughout year as needed for new students and record lesson completion for students in the Quarter 4 section of the Digital Citizenship class in Campus for secondary and in the YearEnd section for elementary. (Completion of lessons is posted under the Quarter 4 or YearEnd section ONLY so that teachers can see marks for all students at any point in the school year.)
    6. Teachers/staff cover lessons with students absent during original lesson instruction.
    7. Campus clerks add new students to Digital Citizenship course roster for the quarter in which they enroll and teacher or designated staff delivers lesson and marks completion of lesson under the Quarter 4 or YearEnd section.
    8. Contact Campus Support via the Service Desk ticket system with questions about recording CIPA Digital Citizenship lessons in Campus.


    Advantages Of Using Campus To Report CIPA Lessons

    • Easier monitoring for students who still need to complete CIPA lesson Digital Citizenship requirements due to absences, new enrollments, or transfers between schools--site designated staff can check the iUpdate tab for new and transfer students.
    • Support for Common Sense Digital Citizenship certification--site designated staff record completion of two additional lessons


    Please contact Chris Turnbull at chris.turnbull@spps.org with any questions about CIPA digital citizenship lessons.  

    Thank you for your assistance in assuring that we are providing this important instruction for all of our students.


    Learn More

    All licensed staff should become familiar with the concepts of digital citizenship, online safety and privacy, and appropriate online behavior. Staff can watch the video below to learn more about CIPA.



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