• Pay Timing

    All employees are paid every other Friday, on a two-week lag.  This means that time sheets turned in by one payday will generally be paid on the following payday.  The current year payroll schedule provides guidance on what days worked are paid on which paycheck, when employees can expect certain special payments (like non-duty break pay for EAs and TAs), and when summer pay begins/ends.  The payroll schedule also indicates which paychecks have insurance deductions taken out. 

    Refer to the specific "Time Sheets" web page for current time sheet due dates, guidelines, and actual forms. 

    Employees should review their paychecks regularly and contact payroll with questions about pay amount, missing pay, etc. as soon as possible since there are pre-set off cycle check run days.  Pay corrections not processed as an off cycle check will be included on the next regular paycheck. 

    12 month employees are paid year round.  10 and 11 month employees have multiple options for if and how they want to be paid over the summer (see below), so paychecks during the summer are dependent on what the employee elects.


    2018-19 Work Year Schedule - General guidelines for 10-month staff

    2019-20 Work Year Schedule - General guidelines for 10-month staff

    2019 Payroll Schedule

    2020 Payroll Schedule


    Pay Method

    Direct Deposit - Traditional direct deposit is available to all employees and can be set up or changed through Employee Self Service.

    Pay Card - SPPS has partnered with Rapid! PayCard to provide easy access to funds for employees who cannot or choose not to have a traditional bank account.  A pay card is also available for employees with traditional direct deposit as well.  Having a pay card instead of a paper check eliminates check cashing fees for unbankable employees, eliminates lost or delayed checks in the mail, and provides fast, easy access to the entire balance of funds in the account.  Some ways pay cards are commonly used are:

    • Load 26-pay or summer pay deductions to pay card instead of having the district hold and refund your money over the summer
    • As a primary bank account for pay checks and other income sources (including tax refunds, child support, pay from a second job, etc.)
    • Have a certain amount each pay day loaded to the card as "fun money", a vacation fund, or a savings account
    • Provide companion cards to teen or college-age dependents for spending money or emergencies
    • Use a companion card as a way to shop safely on-line, keeping funds separate and only transfering money for on-line purchases

     Paper Check - Employees can receive paper checks instead of having a pay card or direct deposit.  However this option is highly discouraged due to the expense of issuing and mailing checks.  In addition, paper checks are less convenient for employees and have a much higher risk of being lost or stolen from the mail each payroll.  In certain circumstances, SPPS may pass on to the employee any stop/reissue fees incurred when a paper check is re-issued.


    Summer Pay Options

    Pay Card - This program is available to all employees and employees can sign up ANY TIME.  It provides several advantages over the summer-pay and 26-pay deduction programs:

    • Employees can designate any amount they want deducted from their pay and are not restricted by a certain percent.
    • Employees can modify the amount deducted any time during the year, including for larger paychecks that occur with supplemental pay, athletics payments, retro pay, etc.
    • Employees have access to their money during the year for emergencies and are not restricted to "all or nothing" if funds are needed mid-year. Employees can temporarily stop deductions and restart them up at any time.
    • Employees can earn interest on their funds instead of the district earning interest by holding the funds for them until paying summer refunds.

    26-Pay Deduction Program - This program is available only to teachers and signup deadline for new employees is Oct 1. Existing employees must sign up before the start of the school year.  A pre-determined percentage of your net pay is deducted from your paychecks during the school year and refunded to you over paychecks during the summer months where school is not in session. The percentage of your net pay is set each year by payroll for that year and includes earnings such as athletics, extra curricular, or other hours worked.  The percent is not elected by individual employees.

    SCSP 26-Pay Option - This program is available only to 10M School & Community Service Professionals and signup deadline for new employees hired before Oct 1st is on or before their first day worked.  Employees hired after Oct 1st and existing employees must sign up before July 1st for the start of the school year.  The 10 month salary is prorated equally over 26 paychecks.

    Summer-Pay Deduction Program - This program is available to 10M employees in the EA, TA, Nutrition Services and Clerical groups and signup deadline for new employees is Oct 1.  Existing employees must sign up before the start of the school year.  Employee's select one of several pre-determined amounts as a flat deduction from net pay during the school year and have the total amount refunded in increments over the summer paychecks.  This program is limited to $5,000 total annual deduction, and changes are only allowed before school starts each year. 

    No Selection - If no selection on summer pay options is made, 10-month employees who work the school year schedule simply get paid over the paychecks in which they work according to their contract.  As a general rule, teacher pay is spread out over 21 paychecks,  Principal pay is spread out over 22-23 paychecks, and  TAs, EAs, and 10M Clerical are paid for exactly the days they work, generally receiving 21 paychecks.  Since different jobs require different scheduled work days, always check the current payroll schedule, work year chart,  or contact your designated payroll specialist for information specific to the timing of your paycheck.


    26-Pay Deduction form

    SCSP 26-Pay Option form

    Summer-Pay Deduction form

    PayCard and Direct Deposit form