Childcare Transportation

  • Childcare transportation is provided in those situations that are authorized in Minnesota Statutes and District Board of Education Policy.

    Minnesota Statutes allow a public school district to designate a licensed childcare, residence of a relative, residence of a person chosen by the pupil’s parent or guardian, a school based childcare facility that is exempt from Minnesota childcare licensing requirements, or a program operated by a government agency, such as the Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department, as the legal residence for resident students for transportation purposes.   The Statute also allows transportation to after school activities at such organizations as Boys and Girl's Clubs, YMCA and YWCA, Science Museum, Salvation Army, etc.   District Board of Education Policy allows transportation for childcare in the situations authorized by statute.

    Childcare transportation is not provided:

    • To or from a parent’s work or school location unless the location houses a one of the authorized programs listed above and the program confirms that the child is enrolled in that childcare or program. 
    • To or from a commercial area or building unless the commercial building houses a licensed childcare that has enrolled the student.
    • To or from locations that are not authorized in statute.

    The childcare or after school program address must be within the District boundaries, must be within the transportation area of the school, and must be over one-half mile mile from the school for students in grades Pre-K through 5 and over one mile from school for students in greades 6 throguh 12..  If the student's residence is less than the required distance from the school and the childcare or after school program site is over the required distance, and is within the transportation area of the school, the parent must complete an Application For Childcare Transportation form that is available from the Transportation Department.

    A student is expected to consistently utilize a child care pickup and/or drop-off every school day.  A student can have different pickup and drop-off locations and may have a different drop-off location on an Extended Day Learning route.

    Childcare transportation is not provided across attendance area boundaries except as part of the normal desegregation route structure.  Childcare transportation is not provided across the School District boundaries, nor may a resident student be dropped off near the border to walk to a childcare site that is located outside of the District.

    Parents/guardians should discuss emergency closing situations and notification procedures with the childcare or after school program.  A childcare or program that closes unexpectedly for training, bad weather, or other situation could leave a student without transportation from school, or unable to enter a locked childcare facility.

    It is very important that an Application For Childcare Transportation form be completed for any student that rides a bus from or to a childcare or after school program that is over one mile from school, but who resides under one mile from school. This includes magnet students riding from existing stops.  Unless the application is on file with the Transportation Department the District cannot include the student in the annual report to the Minnesota Department of Education.