Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Rec Check Program

  • What is Rec Check?

    The Saint Paul Parks and Recreaction Department operates the Rec Check Program.  Rec Check is a free after-school program for youth, grades 1-6, provided at the recreation centers listed below.  Youth check in with Rec Check Staff when arriving at the center and check out when leaving.  Parents can request to be notified when their child does not check in at the center.  Rec Check is for youth who live in Saint Paul or go to school in Saint Paul.

    When Is It Held?

    The program is held Monday - Friday, 3 - 6 pm on days when the Saint Paul Public Schools are in session including early release days. Rec Check runs September 12, 2011 through June 8, 2012. Start times may vary due to the different school release times.

    What's Offered?

    Children participate in a variety of structured, supervised activities including homework help, arts & crafts, reading and special events. To promote health and fitness, the staff will engage the youth daily in physical activities such as gym games, outdoor play or walking.  A daily snack is also provided.

    Do I Need to Register My Child?

    Yes. All sites have limited enrollment. Registration is taken on a first-come, first-served basis.  Registration forms need to be completed at a site before a child may attend.  Registration cannot be completed on-line. Rec Check is open for youth who live in Saint Paul or attend school in Saint Paul.

    After School Transportation

    The Saint Paul Public Schools provides transportation to eligible students participating in the Saint Paul Parks & Recreation's Rec Check Program or S'more Fun Program.

    • The recreation center attended must be within the attendance area or transportation area of the school attended and must be over one mile alking distance from school.
    • An application for childcare transportation must be completed if the student is attending a recreation center program that is over one mile from the school but the studedn't residence is less than one mile from school.
    • The child must attend the recreation center program each day school is in session. A child is not allowed to aternate between home and recreation center locations.
    • Tranportation to Saint Paul Parks & Recreation Program must be arranged through the school the child attends. The application form is available from the school office or the Transportation Department website.
    • Transportation home from the Rec Check or S'more Fun Program is not provided.

    RecCheck Program (PDF) -- A flyer in PDF format with information on the Rec Check Program including addresses and contact information.

    Where is Rec Check?

    Arlington - 651-298-5701

    Baker - 651-209-3519

    Conway - 651-501-6343

    Dayton's Bluff - 651-793-3885

    Duluth & Case - 651-298-5709

    El Rio Vista - 651-789-2500

    Hancock (3 days/ week) - 651-298-4393

    Hayden Heights - 651-298-5716

    Hazel Park - 651-501-6350

    Jimmy Lee - 651-642-0650

    Martin Luther King - 651-290-8695

    McDonough - 651-558-2171

    North Dale - 651-558-2329

    Rice - 651-558-2392

    Scheffer - 651-298-5820

    West Minnehaha - 651-298-5823